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I got rejected from so many jobs in the last few weeks. One of them I went to two interviews for and felt that they went really, really well and they turned me down because they had someone else who “fit better”. Another one I interviewed for once and they told me I’d hear back in 10-14 days. Now, over 25 days later and after I asked them if I’d somehow missed their notification, I get an automated response telling me that sadly I have not been selected for a second interview, better luck next time.

Fuck. I feel like such a failure right now and my master’s dissertation is due in 5 days and two days after that I’ll be homeless and I can’t handle all of this stress!!! I really want someone right now who will hold me while I cry my eyes out, but I don’t have a boyfriend and my friends are either in other countries or panicking over their own dissertations to the point where they “don’t have time to see me”. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I am 23 years old and I basically want my mommy. 


what’s a kiss without a little booty grabbing?

I could do with a little of both right now. 

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When will they learn

This shit ain’t funny at all. I don’t know why these white dudes think it’s okay to walk up to people, blatantly insult them, then think nothing should happen. Then people look at the Black folks in the vids like THEY’RE wrong.

I don’t see how this is a prank…if getting punched is a prank then Manny pacquiao is the funniest man on the planet

surely a prank is supposed to make everyone laugh when it’s over. even the victim? regardless of what these twats are labelling it as, these poor lads still go home having experienced yet another racist verbal attack on them when they were just innocently living their lives.

fuckin dickwads.

do we REALLY expect anything less idiotic from something called BROPRANKSTV though

You can flag their channel here: (you have to be logged in to YouTube.)

The little flag in the bottom left. Flag them for “hate speech against a protected group” and unfortunately not also “Just being a complete asshole.”

Also, please don’t watch any of their videos…that will just get them more views and revenue.

Signal boosting this so maybe you can help speak out against these dudes! I just reported them on YT for hate speech against people of different ethnicities. However, they attack other groups, for example there is one video in which they “act gay”. 


The hardest thing about getting older….

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"There are a million people to do something with. There is just nobody to do nothing with. That’s what I miss the most."

- Toby Kennish, Switched at Birth

This is literally one of the reasons why I can’t keep up with news. They make me feel so bad.

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Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them

Everyone stop what you’re doing and watch this video.

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35. Bulbasaur Flowerpot (Succulent Monsters)

x7r found them! :) you can buy these from here or there is a 3D print version

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